Virtual Babywearing Fit Check

Virtual Babywearing Fit Check

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Do you know how to use your babywearing item, but you have questions about the fit of your baby carrier, wrap, or sling?  Do you need help troubleshooting a concern you have with the fit of your carrier, wrap, or sling?  

This service provides a professional babywearing fit check in the comfort of your home for one or two babywearing items you are actively using to wear your baby.  We can help with the fit of many items including but not limited to:

  • Ring Slings
  • Buckle Carriers
  • Wraps
  • Meh Dais 
  • Hybrid options

Using ZOOM, we will spend approximately 60 minutes with you, your baby's caregivers and your baby to help you get a good fit with your babywearing items.  Whether you want help with carrier set-up and features, fit help for you or your baby, or questions answered about keeping your baby snugged up close, this consult is ideal for someone who feels confident in babywearing yet still needs the help of a professional.

Usually, this consult is broken up into three parts for each item:  

  1.  You put your baby carriers, wraps, and slings on for the consultant to assess.
  2.  Consultant gives tips or teaches techniques, typically using a demonstration doll and providing a demonstration doll for the caregivers.
  3.  After practicing techniques with a demonstration doll, the caregivers try the technique with the baby with assistance from the consultant.

To get the most from your consult, be sure to complete the Consult Questionnaire at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  In addition, the following is ideal:

  • Baby Carriers, wraps, or slings you own should be ready to use
  • Quiet environment free of distractions
  • Strong wi-fi connection
  • Stuffed animal, baby doll, or pillow about the size of your baby
  • Full-length mirror 
  • Someone to watch your baby during the instructional learning time of the consult 

If you'd prefer in-home service, please see our listings for consults at home.  We offer travel up to 60 minutes from downtown Huntsville.