Babywearing Consult in Home

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Learn to babywearing in the comfort of your own home with this 90-120 minute one-on-one private consultation.   A babywearing consultant will travel to your home to teach you how to wear your baby.  

This consult is for people who need help to decide what type of babywearing item they want to use or for families who already have babywearing gear but do not yet know how to use the items. 

During a babywearing consult, you will receive one-on-one instruction to learn how to use two of the following:

  • Buckle Carrier
  • Ring Sling
  • Wrap
  • Meh Dai

The Babywearing Consultant will have at least one of these 4 types of carriers and babywearing demonstration dolls to use while learning.  After some practice, the consultant will assist with helping you wear your own baby.

To get the most from your consult, be sure to answer the Consult Questionnaire at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment.  In addition, the following is ideal:

  • Baby Carriers, wraps or slings you own should be ready to use
  • Quiet environment free of distractions
  • Full-length mirror nearby
  • Ideally, someone to care for your baby during the instructional learning time of the consult 

In-home service is available for people living within 30 minutes of downtown Huntsville.   If you live 30-60 minutes away from Huntsville, we may be able to travel to you for a travel fee.  If you live more than 1 hour from downtown Huntsville, please see our listings for virtual consults.