Babywearing features two main types of wraps - stretchy and woven.

Stretchy wraps are a fantastic for newborns, and an ideal item for beginning wrapping.   These are designed to wear on your front with your baby facing you.  Despite creating a custom fitting wrap job each day, it's also quite easy to learn - most people catch on in under 30 minutes during a one on one babywearing consult.  As a popable carry, In the newborn days, you can put on a stretchy wrap and pop baby in and out of the wrap all day without ever rewrapping it.  Put a stretchy wrap on directly on your skin to get in kangaroo care time with your baby while baby only wears a diaper.

Woven wraps are for wearing all ages, being very toddler worthy.  Woven wraps are very versatile, and can be wrapped in a variety of ways providing for opportunities to wear on the front, back, high back, side, hip, and so much more.  Fancy finishes, varied techniques, and you tube tutorial vidoes will keep this type of babywearing item interesting for months!

We've also included in this section hybrid babywearing options that have a buckle around the waist and a wrap for shoulder straps.  These are PERFECT for people who love the look of a wrap, but the convenice of a ready made seat.    XOXO, Beachfront Baby Meh Dai, and Tula Half-Buckle are all examples of hybrid carriers with a wrap feature.