Professional Mentoring

I get it. I've been there.  I've researched about, read up on, followed closely, hit subscribe, watched  you tube videos, listened to pod casts, been to a conference, chatted with a friend regarding a new challenge.  But sometimes I still couldn't wrap my noodle around a concept.  I needed someone to simply HOLD MY HAND - WHILE doing the work.  Sometimes just once until I did it successfully. Sometimes more than once. 

I've been lucky enough to have a few friends willing to help me out or barter.  I've paid for some professional services as well.  And I've tapped into a plethora of local resources for new businesses.

I get asked for advice on starting a new business, expanding a new business, or rejuvenating a new business almost weekly.  I don't have all the answers, but I am always full of ideas.  I am also willing to share any skills I have mastered.  If I am unable to help on your specific goals, I can refer you to someone who CAN.

  • Compliancy for Children's Items
  • Local Events
  • Networking
  • Shopify
  • Square (leaving this platform so only available until major changes take place)
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • Canva

You may see a skill set I have that I have left off. Feel free to message me to see if maybe we can work together.  Happy to help.