Bath Toys

Toys designed for use in the bath tub or for water play.  Many standard toys double as bath toys in the winter when a long bath can be a great way to unwind some extra energy in a toddler.  We've included these in our collection, so if you wonder why a lemonade set is in this section, you now know why.  Usually, these will be toys that are also skill builders.  With the lemonade set and many other bath toys babies and children can learn:

  • How to tip a cup to pour out liquid
  • How to control a pour
  • How to fill a cup with water (from faucet or tub water)
  • Animal sounds
  • Imitating
  • Following directions
  • Taking things in and out of containers

Use bath time as a learning opportunity is fun and engaging.  Baths need supervision, so make the most of that time!

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