Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers
Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers

Super Undies Cotton Night Trainers

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Is the bed wet again? Hey, accidents happen, We’ve all been there. Studies show that as your child gets older it is important to embrace this area with workable and practical solutions. Kids need to know that they are being seen, heard and cared for. Ignoring bedwetting all together and quietly providing a disposable larger baby diaper can have lasting effects on a child’s self esteem. The truth is one in every four kids in a first grade classroom are still wetting the bed! By the time boys are 7, one in ten are still wetting the bed. This problem is bigger than you thought. Your kid is completely normal!

 Here’s the kicker - It’s not even a problem. Trying everything under the sun to eliminate bedwetting shows kids that this IS a problem to fix, and causes them to feel powerless and broken. 

A kids starts to think... what’s wrong with them? Why do they do this? The best way you can help your kiddo is to normalize it. Remove the baby diaper stigma by taking away the disposables. Give these kiddos their dignity back by providing them with a reusable cloth padded underwear that contains the wetness and just gets tossed in the laundry. A pair of super undies can last up to 3 years in size, but 6 years of regular use!  That means that by supplying your kiddo with 6 pairs of undies they will have a healthy rotation, colorful fun options to choose from every night, and no pressure to NOT wet anymore. Once you have Super Undies, no more money need to be spent and no extra laundry is generated. Just throw your undies in with a load you are already washing.

And here’s the best part - 15% of kids that switch from disposables to cloth show reduced bed wetting within the first 2 weeks of use, and THAT makes your kiddo feel MUCH better!


What are Super Undies?

These are an all-in-one heavily padded, waterproof underwear designed for children to use overnight when they wet the bed or are nighttime potty training. They have four layers of absorbency built in. They are different from other diapers in a few ways. 

  1. They are pull-on, and have no snaps or velcro to open. No openings mean less chance for leaking.
  2. They use different materials. The waist and legs are bound in anti-pill water resistant fleece, making them soft and comfy for extended wear. This beats the scratchy plastic of disposables!
  3. They have a pocket that you could use to add more absorbent step-up inserts in place. Why would you need more absorbency? Maybe your child has super-powers ;)

So in recap: Waterproof, fluffy, absorbent with boosting capability, soft, comfy.

Will they work for boys and girls?

Yes. The pattern does not change for gender. The absorbency may be placed in more strategic areas based on your needs. Ladies: use the absorbency laid flat  from front to back. Gentlemen: if necessary, feel free to fold a Step-up insert in half and place it in front, where more absorbency will be required, or fold the insert that is included in half and place in the front pocket.

How to wash Super Undies:

Basic Washing Instructions: 

  1. Perform a cold water rinse for items that have sat for more than a day. Don't let items sit for more than 2 days. 
  2. Turn Undies inside out and place in a Laundry Garment Bag.
  3. Run a Hot Wash Cycle – Use a detergent you trust.
  4. Dry on Medium

Things to avoid:

  1. Fabric softener on the absorbency
  2. Excessive Bleach
  3. Desitin

We also recommend using a laundry garment bag. Although this is not necessary, we feel it will better protect your investment. 

How many do I need?

You will need about 2-3 pairs for a regular laundering rotation. Any additional undies you have will help spread out the use, which in turn launders each pair less and extends it's life.

Do these leak?

These undies can absorb approx. 160 - 360ml of fluid. If your child floods beyond that capacity then they can leak, however, you are able to use step-up inserts to boost their absorbency. If you suspect your child is a heavy wetter (wets more than 1-1.5 cups or pees though disposables) than check out our Hero Undies.

These seem EXPENSIVE, so can I really save money using them?

Let’s look at the cost of cloth diapers vs disposable diapers:

Disposable diapers cost about $.75* for size 4-8 – This may seem high but that’s the math. Disposable products made for bedwetting are even more expensive.

Now for the next sizes up, 8-14, the costs double to $1.41.*  They keep the price point of a pack the same but reduce the quantity you get, making you buy packs more often.

  • Nightly bedwetting using disposables in the smaller size: $22.80 per month,
  • Nightly Bedwetting in larger sized disposables: $42.30 per month, almost double!

Within two months you will spend over $80, more than 2 pairs of a great cloth alternative. But cloth can last you up to three years. Even if you got a new pair of cloth bedwetting undies every month you would still save mad cash! You’d spend over $500 a year on disposables and only $420 on cloth!  OR just get two pairs and rotate them.

Problem Solved! $70 instead of $500? Yes, please! 


Check out the sizing guide to get the right fit.

Are These Bulky?

Nighttime Undies are fluffly, and compared to disposables they can be considered bulky. We recommend speaking to your child about this and letting them be part of the process. Most kids find our Nighttime Undies way more comfortable over the disposable alternative.