Rockets, Planets, and Astronauts, OH MY!

Our little retail store is located in Huntsville, AL, otherwise known as Rocket City, USA.  It is no surprise that we are huge nerds for all things SPACE THEMED.

Many toy brands and textile makers for baby items know tiny humans (or their parental units) have a keen interest in spacecraft, asteroids, moons, and such.  Often, space themed items are created by brands that we already carry. This has happened at least half a dozen times. When we last reordered our most popular baby toy,  Baby Paper, we ordered Baby Paper in a recently released print called Solar.  

Baby Paper is crinkle paper covered in fabric used as a baby toy.  The print Solar has brightly colored space-themed images of the earth, sun, planets, and starts on a blue background.  Toy is wrapped with yellow branded packaging.

Whenever we see a fun, exciting item that’s space themed, we do our best to add it to the regular line up and keep it in stock.  We have ideas of space themed items for all ages and stages of development. If you need suggestions of which items are best for specific ages, click here (ADD LINK to gift guide blog post - coming soon) for recommendations.  

Space themed items don’t need justification, yet here we are with six solid suggestions for occasions to give little ones all the space things.

  1. Recognize and even celebrate upcoming launches, such as the upcoming NASA missions with Dynetics, SpaceX, and Blue Origin to get lunar landers to the moon.
  2. Most visitors see the Saturn V on the side of I-565, visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, or play near the water rocket at Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Space themed toys bought at a local retail store make great souvenirs that will be treasured play things for years to come. 
  3. Visiting the Rocket City solo and need to send your family a little happy?  Let us ship your little loved one a fun package so you don’t have to add weight to your luggage for the journey home.  With enough notice, we can plan to ship this so it arrives before your return home.
  4. With extended relatives living hours away, my family loves to give space themed items to remind family members of visits with us. Consider sending space themed items to children in anticipation of a trip to Rocket City.
  5. Have a big kid at Space Camp?  Order space themed items from Acorn Treasures to arrive while siblings are away or for the Space Camp attendee to give to a sibling when returning home.
  6. Give a space themed gift for a birthday, baby shower, special occasion, holiday celebration, or random surprise.  We can help. 

It’s simple to send gifts to children from Acorn Treasures no matter where they live within the continental United States or at APO addresses.  Add items to your cart and check out, putting the gift recipient’s address in the shipping section.  More than one gift recipient?  No problem!  Just check out one time for each shipping address.  

Don’t forget to put a personalized note in the comments. We will be sure to include it in the package.  We LOVE to ship gifts, include notes, and gift wrap.  Acorn Treasures provides one stop shopping from the comfort of your home eliminating errands and tasks of buying, wrapping, and mailing.  We do the work for you as a service to thank you for shopping with our small business.

Find all the space themed things we’ve curated for space affectionadoes in our ROCKETS &  SPACE collection here.

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