A man is standing in his kitchen while wearing his baby.  The baby's finger is pointing into the man's mouth alphabet letters on the side of the fridge spell out the baby's name.  A pot of coffee, a coffee cup, and cereal poured on the counter outside of the bowl is in the back ground.

Parent Fog - XOXO eco2 Base

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Parent fog perfectly describes the feeling of an interrupted night’s sleep when caring for a little one.  This neutral colored #bucklewrap will help you conquer the day regardless of how many times your little treasure wakes you up.

XOXO provides the look of a wrap with the convenience of a buckle carrier. Versatile and lightweight, this #bucklewrap is a great solution for newborns through the toddler stages. With the quick click of a buckle and snug hug of a wrap, the XOXO #BuckleWrap Baby Carrier makes wearing your baby faster and easier. ♥  


1 -  front carry, facing in

2 - front carry, facing out

3 - hip carry

4 - back carry


  • Fits newborn to toddler, 7-35 lbs
  • Panel length: 100”L x 15"W (2 overlapping panels)
  • Waist range: 27”- 60”
  • Buckle secures un-poppable seat
  • Crossed shoulder straps lead to balanced weight distribution
  • One size, customized fit for all body types
  • Made with eco2 cotton; made from recycled t-shirts
  • Made in the USA

ABOUT XOXO Baby Carriers

XOXO Baby Carriers makes wrapping a baby as simple as a hug and a kiss. Toss the 1st panel over your left shoulder and the 2nd panel over your right shoulder.  Cross in the back.  Tie off in the front or the back.  It’s LOVE!

Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, XOXO is a small family owned company started by Alex K. in 2016. Sarah, owner of Acorn Treasures, met Alex in 2014 at Mommycon when he worked for another baby carrier company.  Always helpful and willing to share knowledge, Alex has years of experience in babywearing manufacturing industry. Sarah happened to be in a hotel lounge with friends at a conference as he and another babywearing carrier company owner worked out the details of a new collaboration. She was across the room, but watching the two masterminds work late left a lasting impression.  At one point they simultaneously pulled their own hair while appearing to number crunch.  Sarah bought and now uses in her teaching stash the results of that initial collaboration. And a second collaboration when XOXO debuted.  Both are beautiful.  Many more collabs have followed, all being exquisite.  Alex wears his own little ‘treasure’ in a #bucklewrap, sometimes in one of these collabs.