Clover & Birch Geode Rattle
Being held by a small child's hand, a Clover and Birch Geode Rattle is a wooden toy made out of maple with a geometric-like faceted shape displayed on a white fur background.

Clover & Birch Geode Rattle

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Shake, shake, shake!  Geode rattle is an ideal modern baby gift, toy and keepsake.  The rattle is soft and quiet, which is near impossible to find in conventional toys.  The soft sound of the rattle combined with the faceted shape and a smooth finish results in a stunning toy for babies to grasp, hold, and shake.


  • Crafted from locally sourced maple
  • Core space for the rattle components are cut then sealed with a custom fitted walnut peg
  • Sealed with Clover & Birch’s coconut and beeswax blend
  • Warm dark wood color
  • Quiet rattle
  • Shapes vary. Between 3-4 inches long by 1.5-2 inches wide
  • Made in Canton, Georgia


Hand wash using hot water and soap.  Do not submerge in water.


Clover & Birch is a semi local toy manufacturer developing and making purposeful modern toys owned by Taylor.  As a mom, Taylor understands what parents are looking for in modern products. Acorn Treasures owner Sarah has had the pleasure of meeting Taylor at Mommycon events in Memphis and Atlanta.  At the Atlanta 2016 event, we were “booth neighbors.”  It’s been exciting to see the selection Clover & Birch offers grow as Taylor’s talent radiates in each product she creates.